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Документација за проектот » baza_popolnuvanje.txt

random_file - Viktor Poposki, 2016-03-29 01:09 AM

getAllCompetitions, getCompetitionForID -> soccer_competition
getStandingsForCompID -> soccer_standing
getAllMatches, getMatchForID -> soccer_match
getCommentaryForMatchID -> soccer_comment,
soccer_match (match_stats),
soccer_player_match_stats (player_stats),
soccer_substitution (subs),
soccer_match_substitution (substitutions)
getTeamForID -> soccer_team,
soccer_team_squad (from squad, sidelined)
soccer_team_statistic (statistics),
soccer_transfer (transfers_in, transfers_out)
getPlayerForID -> soccer_player,
soccer_statistic (player_statistics)