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Feature #733008 ยป 0081-Drop-effect-name-backward-compatibility-code.patch

Marko Lindqvist, 2018-02-13 01:11 PM

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const char *type;
const char *filename;
bool ok = TRUE;
bool effect_type_warned = FALSE;
filename = secfile_name(file);
struct requirement_vector *reqs;
type = secfile_lookup_str(file, "%s.type", sec_name);
if (type == NULL && compat->compat_mode) {
/* Backward compatibility. Field used to be named "name" */
type = secfile_lookup_str(file, "", sec_name);
if (type != NULL && !effect_type_warned) {
log_deprecation(_("Effects should have \"type\", not the same field with old name \"name\"."));
effect_type_warned = TRUE;
if (type == NULL) {
ruleset_error(LOG_ERROR, "\"%s\" [%s] missing effect type.", filename, sec_name);
ok = FALSE;