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Feature #822266 ยป 0039-INSTALL.meson-Document-configure-options.patch

Marko Lindqvist, 2019-06-18 03:58 PM

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> ninja
> ninja install
Configure options:
Configure options are given as '-D<option>=<value>'.
For example to set freeciv installation prefix as
> meson ../src -Dprefix=/home/cazfi/freeciv-install
You can give configure options when you first set up the build directory
(like in example above), or you can change configure options for the
build directory later by 'meson configure' subcommand like this:
> meson configure -Dprefix=/home/cazfi/freeciv-install
You get full list of configure options by running 'meson configure'
subcommand without any configure options to set
> meson configure
Some of the configure options are implemented by meson itself for
all meson-based projects. Some options are implemented in freeciv build
system, and they are specific to freeciv.
Freeciv specific configure options:
ack_experimental (boolean):
As the official build system for freeciv is still autotools, user
has to acknowledge that they are using experimental build system when
using meson. This configure options must be set to 'true', or build
refuses to start
clients (array):
List of clients to build. To disable client build completely, give an
empty array ('-Dclients=[]'). Currently only gtk3.22-client build is
supported ('-Dclients=gtk3.22'). By default builds gtk3.22-client