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Feature #877856 ยป 0030-Optimize-city_can_be_built_here.patch

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik, 2020-06-16 02:31 PM

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return FALSE;
Return TRUE iff the ruleset allows founding a city at a tile claimed by
someone else with the specified action.
Since a local DiplRel requirement can be against something else than a
tile an unclaimed tile can't always contradict a local DiplRel
requirement. With knowledge about what entities each requirement in a
requirement vector is evaluated against a contradiction can be
static bool
city_on_foreign_tile_is_legal(const struct unit_type *punit_type,
const struct action *paction)
struct requirement tile_is_claimed;
struct requirement tile_is_foreign;
/* Tile is claimed as a requirement. */
tile_is_claimed.range = REQ_RANGE_LOCAL;
tile_is_claimed.survives = FALSE;
tile_is_claimed.source.kind = VUT_CITYTILE;
tile_is_claimed.present = TRUE;
tile_is_claimed.source.value.citytile = CITYT_CLAIMED;
/* Tile is foreign as a requirement. */
tile_is_foreign.range = REQ_RANGE_LOCAL;
tile_is_foreign.survives = FALSE;
tile_is_foreign.source.kind = VUT_DIPLREL;
tile_is_foreign.present = TRUE;
tile_is_foreign.source.value.diplrel = DRO_FOREIGN;
action_enablers_for_action(paction->id), enabler) {
if (!requirement_fulfilled_by_unit_type(punit_type,
&(enabler->actor_reqs))) {
/* This action enabler isn't for this unit type at all. */
if (!(does_req_contradicts_reqs(&tile_is_claimed,
|| does_req_contradicts_reqs(&tile_is_foreign,
&(enabler->actor_reqs)))) {
/* This ruleset permits city founding on foreign tiles. */
return TRUE;
} action_enabler_list_iterate_end;
/* This ruleset forbids city founding on foreign tiles. */
return FALSE;
Returns TRUE if the given unit can build a city at the given map
/* Foreign tile detection. */
if (tile_owner(ptile) && tile_owner(ptile) != unit_owner(punit)
/* The ruleset may allow founding cities on foreign terrain. */
&& !city_on_foreign_tile_is_legal(unit_type_get(punit), paction)) {
&& !can_utype_do_act_if_tgt_diplrel(unit_type_get(punit),
/* Cannot steal borders by settling. This has to be settled by
* force of arms. */