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Feature #892394 ยป 0026-INSTALL-Document-requirements-for-C-compiler-standar.patch

Marko Lindqvist, 2020-10-25 04:12 PM

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This file describes how to compile and install Freeciv. Last time we
made sure this file is up to date was 16-Jul-06.
Last minor update was 19-Oct-20.
Last minor update was 25-Oct-20.
There may be a localized version of this file in the ./doc directory,
named INSTALL.<locale> (e.g.,
Qt-client is written in C++, so you need appropriate compiler.
In Freeciv development, g++ has been used.
Compiler needs to support c++11 standard, or,
in case of --with-qt5x build, c++17 standard
- Qt5Core, Qt5Gui, and Qt5Widgets libraries and headers.
At least version 5.11 is required.