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Feature #905081 ยป 0039-Granularity-Add-README.granularity.patch

Marko Lindqvist, 2020-12-10 07:10 PM

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Ruleset with high granularity values. This makes it possible to have
more fine grained ruleset effects without integer math pecularities
messing with them.
You can consider all the outputs and costs to be 100x as valuable
as in more standard rulesets.
Each movement point is divided to 6 fragments, so granularity of
movement costs is 1/6 points.
* City center tiles get +25 trade until city size 8, +100 after
; Which file to read description in from.
;description_file = ""
description_file = "granularity/README.granularity"
; Ruleset name
; Detailed description
; When updating this, update also desciption_file in [ruledit] section to match
; description = ""
description = *granularity/README.granularity*
; What capabilities ruleset provides for the scenarios.
capabilities = ""