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Added by Aleksi Rummukainen about 8 years ago

In Korean Random forums, there was few requests..

Will the colour of vehicle type able ?
And will it posible to change the font (standard, as in playersPanel, font) ?
And last, is your modification able to pick *.png pics, as on screen ?
So, he wants color to depend on vehicletype? Not possible, but its a good idea, I will ask from PiJey if he can make that possible.
There is only few fonts that are possible to use.
Tested this, and .png files doesnt work. But you can use .dds image files as background.
Yes, color vehicletype! Ask please
The background just don't need. In the client a lot of pictures png. Them it would not be bad pick up

So got these 2 requests
- to be able to make color that depends of vehicle type (heavy, med, light, TD, arty)
- to be able to use .png files, that are found from client (from res folder), in any textfield.. they would be configurable ofc..

Just got another idea, why not make hit type texts configurable too, like "Kill" and "Ally"? Would be nice, if ppl could "translate" them to their own language, or make them as a single character or smthing..

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RE: Requests - Added by Aleksi Rummukainen about 8 years ago

Customizable {{class}} text, just like {{killed}} and {{ally}} are..

I would like to add these color options too..
"team" <-- this could be added, although we have configurable {{Ally}} text
In config there would be color lines like these

    {"type": "class",    "value": "heavy",          "color": "#FF9090"},
    {"type": "class",    "value": "medium",       "color": "#90FFFF"},
    {"type": "class",    "value": "light",             "color": "#90FF90"},
    {"type": "class",    "value": "td",                 "color": "#909090"},
    {"type": "class",    "value": "spg",              "color": "#9090FF"},

    {"type": "team",    "value": "ally",              "color": "#3030FF"},
    {"type": "team",    "value": "enemy",         "color": "#FF3030"},

I would use that "team" color in Hitlog and in Damagelog for playernames (to make teamattackers pop out more), and that "class" for tanknames..
OFC I would use the same colors in hit/damagelog as I have in contour icons..

And add {{class}} to Infopanel, right next to that weight, like this..

Type: Heavy          Weight: 58t

I would use the "class" color here too..

I might use the "team" color in Infopanel too, for tank name.. :D

RE: Requests - Added by Anonymous about 2 years ago

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