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Bug #122518


Crash when taking Escort Quest

Added by Michael Girard about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Quest specifics
Type: Escort Needed
Difficulty: Two blue $s
Time Limit: 12 Days
Client and Location: Monabear the Blackmarket Vendor, Derphy
"We have this client headed to Port Kapul for certain reasons. We offer you 1461 gold pieces and ores if you succeed."

Taking the quest on the Java version always results in an error message, followed by the closing of the game. "Windows cannot find E:/Elona//Error.txt". Error.txt contains the following:

HspError 7 WinError 0 Ver 1220 Mode 0
efId 619 efP 0 Area 14/1
ci -1#77 ti 0#466 cc 0#0 tc 65#1 rc 79#16
3. ctrlFile4 ct:0
2. ctrlFile4/end ct:0
1. ctrlFile3 ct:0
0. ctrlFile3/end ct:0

Taking the quest running the non-java version doesn't produce a crash.

I've attached a zip containing my character's save folder. Hopefully that makes reproducing it as easy as walking from the inn to the quest board.

Files (476 KB) Save File Michael Girard, 2012-11-15 01:46 PM

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Bug #133710: getResizeIndex: Array OOBClosedJohn Stroy2012-12-21

Actions #1

Updated by Michael Girard about 11 years ago

After attempting to take several other escort quests over the last few days, they've all crashed. So it might be that all escort quests crash. I tested another method of spawning new allies, the Slave Market, and the game crashes upon generating a slave type to buy*. I suspect reading a Scroll of Ally will crash the game too, so I'll test that as soon as I get the chance.

*HspError 7 WinError 0 Ver 1220 Mode 0
efId 408 efP 0 Area 14/1
ci 0#20 ti 0#20 cc 0#0 tc 66#1 rc 80#39
3. turn_end:pc ct:0
2. main_init:Begin ct:245
1. main_init:End ct:0
0. pc_turn_init ct:0

Actions #2

Updated by Michael Girard about 11 years ago

Job Quests that don't crash: All cooking quests, all delivery quests, Birthday, I want it, Hunting, Party Time, Panic, Challenge.
Job Quests that crash: Harvest, Escort, Beauty and the Beast, Before it's too late.
I haven't tried most of the subquests and story quests.

Activities that crash the game: Attempting to buy a slave in Derphy, reading a Scroll of Ally, reading a Diary of Little Sister.
Activities that don't crash the game: Choosing your ally in Vernis, reading a Girl's Diary, reading a Cat Sister's Diary.

Actions #3

Updated by Michael Girard about 11 years ago

Okay, bigger problem: Enemies that summon random enemies also crash the game when they summon. I'd been randomly crashing when fighting in areas and the cause finally clicked after I crashed a few times attempting to fight Master Yeeks.

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Updated by John Stroy about 11 years ago

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Nice work - thanks! I'll need to triage this to understand what went wrong.

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Updated by blaster lee about 11 years ago

Not always crashes when reading Scroll of ally (Bishop, Mummy successfully summoned)

records of cmd window:

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Updated by John Stroy almost 11 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Resolved

Fixed in 80e0ae359624

Disposition: Incorrect delegation of incRaw and decRaw to assign (versus assignRaw) caused by 844ee4b5afbe.

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Updated by John Stroy almost 11 years ago

  • Sprint/Milestone set to Elona 1.22 on Pre-Alpha 2

Hey guys, could you please try the new version, PA2? You can get it here

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Updated by John Stroy almost 11 years ago

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If you could, please try this version , which should fix the escort quest problem. Let me know how it works out!

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Updated by Michael Girard almost 11 years ago

Seems like everything is fixed in PA3. I went through about 20 rods of summon monster without any crashes. Got some Kings and Cultists of Fire and they didn't crash the game either (didn't get any Master Yeeks or Shub-Nigguraths though). Escort quest and the slave master both seem to be working properly. Scrolls of Ally and Diary of Little Sister worked too.

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