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Feature #692373

Provenance (defaultness) of game-start setting values not tracked

Added by Jacob Nevins almost 5 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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2.6 added the notion of defaultness for server settings, so that if a default changes, a loaded savegame can be updated with the new default.

If a setting was at internal or ruleset default at game start, and then you set a setting after game start, save/load a game, and then '/reset game', and then the default subsequently changes, then the game's default won't follow that, because the provenance of the game-start value isn't tracked in the savefile.

To fix this, 'struct setting' would have to gain a 'game_setdef' member, and that would have to be saved in a new column in [settings] in savefiles (=> d3f).

This is probably not a very important corner case. I raise it mainly to record that I've thought about it. (Other '/reset' commands do the right thing wrt defaultness, I think.)

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