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Bug #773268

AI handling of space race has become worse

Added by Alexandro Ignatiev almost 4 years ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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Before, all AIs declared war on me at least two turns before spaceship arrival. This was most often too late but at least logical; better would be that as soon as I have launched a spaceship all treaties to me are automatically broken and everybody either tries to launch a faster spaceship or attacks my capital on any price. But now the AIs just switched to armistice on y launch and resided in thiss state until the end, even while my spies rambled their lands inciting cities and bribing units (I would better steal their future technologies, but this for some reason does not work). And why didn't French, world's absolute leader, try to launch their own one as soon as I have built Apollo program? I heared rumours that in 3.0 AI desire to build a spaceship was increased.

fc3-classic-T0339-Y01854-auto.sav.xz (46.2 KB) fc3-classic-T0339-Y01854-auto.sav.xz pre-final savegame, why they don't attack? Alexandro Ignatiev, 2018-09-10 10:25 AM


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