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Feature #854184

sandbox: demonstrate Lua victory

Added by Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Can be done by adapting a custom action from a scifi ruleset I half planned years ago. Pure story relevant elements removed since they are redundant. Elements that can't be implemented yet removed too.

Action name: "Become Abomination"
Action can only be performed by the Leader. In the case of sandbox: Only after genetic engineering is invented. Maybe only if some other player can build an ICBM?
Consequence: All other players gets a Casus Belli. The Leader's position is sent in a message to all other players at turn change. If the Leader still is alive after 20(?) turns the player that did "Become Abomination" won.

Sandbox adaption: Different action name? What should the message say? (Why are someone betraying their Leader and trying to have him killed even if it means their own death by ICBM? Mentioning violation of a pre existing ban won't work in sandbox since it begins in the stone age and no such ban is made during the game.) Why does "becomming an abomination" after 20 turns win the game? Could just ignore complete "story removal" for now since this is sandbox.


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