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Bug #857485


Qt-Nations-tab Intelligence-Report is counting the needed number of lines incorrectly (2.6.1+ )

Added by Chippo Elder over 3 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Screen size is important in gui layout reporting. My screen is 1440x900. You should be able to replicate this bug by resizing your window to that or less. In which case, the savegame is for 2.6.1+ (modified b31d594a73). Or you could just look at the screenshots.

For the Numidians (see attached screenshot) it calculates the number of lines needed for the Intelligence Report correctly, and all three panels are displayed perfectly.

For the Slavs, it realizes that it needs more space than for the Numidians. The Intelligence Report is 2 or 3 lines higher, but that is not enough. See screenshot.

The third screenshot is also cool. The first column is longer than column 2 or 3, and the needed number of lines was counted correctly. It's shown for contrast to another screenshot where the first column is longer than the other two, but too many lines were allocated for the whole panel. That screenshot is from another savegame (same version of Freeciv, though), so I'll post that in a followup to this.


int-report.sav.bz2 (246 KB) int-report.sav.bz2 Chippo Elder, 2020-01-27 01:42 PM
numidian-good.png (313 KB) numidian-good.png Chippo Elder, 2020-01-27 01:54 PM
slavs-too-small.png (319 KB) slavs-too-small.png Chippo Elder, 2020-01-27 02:01 PM
burmese-also-good.png (292 KB) burmese-also-good.png Chippo Elder, 2020-01-27 02:21 PM
vikings-too-short.png (392 KB) vikings-too-short.png Chippo Elder, 2020-01-27 02:55 PM
koreans-too-much.png (237 KB) koreans-too-much.png Chippo Elder, 2020-02-02 03:39 PM
Actions #1

Updated by Chippo Elder over 3 years ago

Hmmm. Forget about case 3. I can't find an example anywhere. I musta hallucinated it. Here's another example of case 2. The Vikings get even more lines - enough for the Slavs, but not enough for themselves.

Actions #2

Updated by Marko Lindqvist over 3 years ago

For both of the "good" ones height seems to be set by the first column. It might be that needed height for the middle column is always calculated wrong, but it's the deciding factor only in the two "bad" ones.

Actions #3

Updated by Chippo Elder over 3 years ago

Attached is yet another case where the middle column seems to be the deciding column, but too much space is allocated.

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Updated by Marko Lindqvist 4 months ago

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One related bug has been fixed by always providing space for one "extra" line. That might get used if some line wraps to two lines.

I'm going to close this one unless someone still has the problem.

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