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Feature #859148

Add the new spy action "Spread Plague"

Added by Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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See gna patch #5537

Bio-terrorism. It triggers a plague in the target city artificially. If illness_on is FALSE the plague won't spread along trade routes.

This represents relatively low tech bio-weapon usage. Slightly more sophisticated than using catapults to sling victims of the bubonic plague over the city walls, but not much. I assume that current bio-weapons has optional features like limitation of reach by giving the biological agent high mortality and quick onset of symptoms, limitation of reach for the deadliest parts of the payload by giving those parts a high probability of mutating away before the biological agent has time to spread to its creators' population, ethnic targeting, and the increase of reach and target population panic by making the agent contagious before onset of symptoms, a long incubation time and a dramatic way of killing its victims. This action can't do that. That would require a system for bio-weapon design (where capabilities are chosen), development, testing and spread when released.

Before anyone starts hoping that my description of what I assume modern bio-weapons are capable of means that a system to represent them is right around the corner I should point out that it took me 5 years and two months from I filed gna patch #5537 until I got around to implementing this simple action. Something able to represent better bio-weapons would be much more work.

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