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Feature #865055

Soften "coastal bombardment" rule

Added by Alexandro Ignatiev over 2 years ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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It's hardcoded that if a unit attacks a non-native tile and the defender against him can't enter his tile then both have their firepower set to 1. This disallows making units with a greater firepower that we want to ignore this rule, for example, naval city-busters or desk-firing catapults attacking for 1 round with 10fp onto mountines as well as onto plains. Note that there is no way to check by the ruleset if the defender could move on the attacker's tile. Of course one can build rulesets totally from 1fp units but possibly he or she does not want.

Proposed solution: add flags like "StrongOnNonNative" (does not discount unit fp in attack or defense in CBR situation while may do for the other side) and "RaidsNonNative" (attacker does not produce CBR).

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#1 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 24 days ago

  • Sprint/Milestone changed from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0

osdn #42960, osdn #43255, and osdn #43041 have changes related rules, but I think they still don't provide solutions to all cases this ticket is about?

#2 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 24 days ago

  • Blocks Task #939772: S3_2 datafile format freeze (d3f) added

#3 Updated by Alexandro Ignatiev 12 days ago

Likely yes. At least, can we just turn PH rule off in a ruleset?

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