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Feature #885116


Ultimate road map for improved Bombardment

Added by Lexxie L almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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First draft. Would be nice to get critiques and further ideas, edits, and so on.

This article proposes a roadmap for ultimate control of bombardment in super special ways:

Comments welcome.

Actions #1

Updated by Alexandro Ignatiev almost 3 years ago

The range question is dealed with in the master branch. If I understand it well, move costs of actions are also rs-controlled, but maybe it is not yet done for bombardment actions? The "need unfortify and can't fortify back" issue seems really to be bad enough to qualify as a bug.

The great number of settings mentioned is maybe too big, we could just leave commercial Civ compatibility options. Let any attack, bombard or normal, have one primary target and may have collateral targets; the parameters of a unit type are the number of collateral targets (if 0, normal attack does not damage them and bombardment damages any number(?)) and minimal HP of a collateral target (if 0, the target may be killed). A flag controls if bombardment can destroy the primary target (or do we need an effect for it? In Civ3 you can kill by bombardment if the bombarder is Hwacha OR if the target is a ship or a plane in a city OR if the target is on a sea and the bombardr kills by bombard on sea...) Maybe we need also a flag for not unfortifying at unmoving attack.

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