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Application and advantages of customized LED display panels

Added by lucas Mei about 1 year ago.

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Everything can be customized, LED display is no exception
When we have special size and shape requirements that are different from regular screens, we can choose to customize the LED display. In addition, the novel and creative LED display can also be customized. Conventional LED displays can be found everywhere, while special LED displays are unconventional and innovative. Creative LED displays are now widely favored by merchants. Advertising display, art exhibition halls, immersive experience and other fields are all popularizing the use of creative LED displays. Here we talk about custom creative LED display
How to stand out from so many ads when outdoor advertising is plain and unimpressive? In addition to the novelty of the advertising content, the design of the carrier must not be sloppy. It is an undeniable fact that innovation directly promotes the development of economy. Customize the advertising carrier exclusively and use the bizarre shape to attract the attention of pedestrians. According to the data, strange shaped objects will attract the attention of 90% of pedestrians in the process of walking, 60% of people will watch 2-3S, the vast majority of people will still maintain a certain interest in the emerging product. Therefore, custom led display panels , to a great extent, it is better than conventional LED display advertising display effect
Secondly, in large shopping malls, we will inevitably see some more interesting things. For example, the large chandeliers, large billboards, and large luminous objects LED creative spherical screens in the center of shopping malls... In fact, LED creative products are still widely used in many occasions. Like the expo halls and art galleries we go to, these occasions are very common. Maybe the time tunnel and multi-screen display you see, the display and immersive experience hall is the creative use of LED display.

Some time ago, the LED screens of the SM building in South Korea were getting a lot of attention for showing giant ocean waves. The waves hit the glass in the picture, as if they would rush out at any time. Vivid and realistic visual effects have attracted countless people and are called "naked-eye 3D big screens." In contrast most of the city's LED display rarely bring such a shocking impact on people's attractiveness as the old. With the development of digitization, LED display screens have become standard equipment in cities and are widely used in squares, stations and commercial buildings. It can be described as a hundred flowers blooming, and even became the overlord of outdoor advertising. But the ubiquitous LED display homogeneity, showing the same pattern, the traditional large-screen display technology less attractive to users. Then the impact of advertising big screen put in effect, this issue should not be overlooked!
In this situation, customized LED displays like the SM building bring better picture presentation effects, and can vividly display innovative digital art works such as the integration of technology and art, which instantly shines people's eyes. Even if it's just playing regular ads, it's still eye-catching. The market has no shortage of demand for the pursuit of excellent display LED, especially high-end important places, such as high-end office buildings, commercial center Plaza, a landmark commercial buildings, etc. With exclusive custom LED displays to better highlight its unique status.
If there is a demand for LED display, what are the advantages of custom LED display?
1. Custom led display panels, first of all, take the initiative to request according to personal wishes. Compared with the conventional LED display, the customized LED display will be more in line with what you want and expect.
2. The customized LED display is more diversified, more visualized, and more distinctive. Multivariate is different from the conventional outside have more choices: three-dimensional, open-hole experience, interactive, immersive image ... is there more physical style imitation. Diverse appearance: Pear, mask-shaped, flower-shaped, spiral, circular, column-shaped, honeycomb-type shape ... various imitation thereof. If you think about it, you can create shape. Characteristic compared to conventional LED display products, whether it is the user experience, or modeling appearance, customized LED display can bring about a qualitative change. When all the screens you see are square curtain walls, and occasionally see outdoor rotating cross LED mechanical screens, you will definitely feel that there are some strange experiences, and you will spend more time paying attention and watching. This ad, the passers-by willing to spend a little time to watch the display material, ad impressions to more publicity, the impression that the product will be more popular.
3. Customized LED display screens and conventional LED display screens will not bring cumbersome processes due to customization in use and maintenance. After all, the customized LED display is also an LED display. There may be differences in appearance, and the internal layout is relatively cumbersome, but these do not affect the use and maintenance. It is consistent with the use and maintenance of conventional LED display screens.

Custom LED display panels, good display material to display coupled with a good carrier, such advertising will be more popular. And strange things are born with aura, which is more advantageous for attracting eyeballs. If you want to create an LED display in your mind, you can consider customization and choose some customizable outdoor and indoor LED display manufacturers.
Among the many outdoor and indoor LED display manufacturers in the market, it is important to choose a good manufacturer. Shenzhen Hejiatong Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with many years of production experience and has produced various types of outdoor and indoor LED displays. In terms of product types, not only the conventional LED display is well done, but the customized LED screen is also well done, which can meet the various needs of customers. In the application environment, not only does the outdoor display screen do well, it is also an excellent manufacturer of indoor LED display screens. Among the many outdoor and indoor LED display manufacturers, Shenzhen Hetongjia Technology Co., Ltd. is definitely your best choice!

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