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Armyjet DTF Printer- A quality leader

Added by Roberto Chen over 1 year ago.

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Usually, Armyjet DTF printers have two types: white color DTF Printer and UV DTF printer.
For white color DTF printer, it’s also the first to appear in the market. Most often, we call it DTF Printer. It’s roll to roll model. To get higher speed and good price of heads, about 85% customers choose Epson 4720 heads. In the start of 2021, the head price of Epson i3200-A1 is very expensive because of its shortage. But after August in 2021, the head price of Epson i3200-A1 becomes normal.
Some customers choose Epson XP600 heads because of the affection of Covid-19. Using Epson XP600 heads, it can save a lot for end users. This head has a good printing quality too.
Most popular size is 60cm width, like AM-808. The second popular size is A3 width like AM-308. Both sizes use printer with one CMYK and one white ink.
For UV DTF printer, it has UV flatbed and UV roll to roll two types. For UV flatbed DTF printer, most popular size is A3 width. For UV roll to roll printer, most popular size is 60cm.
About the look of A3 UV DTF printer, mostly it looks like AM-A3 UV printer. We also can customize some special appearance for big dealers.
About A3 UV flatbed DTF printer, usually it will use two or three pcs Epson Xp600 heads.
And about 60CM UV roll to roll printer like AM-648B( CMYK+W+V+Glue), it can use four pcs Epson i3200-A1 heads. In this condition, it will print glue via one head.
DTF printer doesn’t like Eco-solvent printer. Armyjet doesn’t use Epson DX5 or Epson DX7 heads. UV DTF Printer ink is different from common UV printer. It’s special ink.
Another difference is that for UV DTF printer, it doesn’t need powder and powder shaking dryer.
Except differences above, the most important part is board. Among these boards, BYHX board is the best. But Hoson and Huicore are good for small size printers. No big difference.

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