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Bug #951514


CBP wrong maturity date

Added by BanKo Tech Support over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Start date:
Due date:
2022-10-12 (about 18 months late)
% Done:


Estimated time:


1. Type of transaction/customer 360 information/wrong maturity date
2. Client Name: Gladys Atienza Rubio
3. Loan Account Number: 104320002103243
4. Deposit Account Number: 180000289157
5. Amount : NA
6. Date of transaction: 9/16/2022

7. The correct maturity date of the contract is 9/3/2022 but in the system 11/3/2022. Account is restructured for 2 years contract.

Thank you

1. Type of transaction/process/Module: Cash Debit (withdrawal)
2. Client Name: Juan Dela Cruz
3. Loan Account Number or Loan Application Number: n/a
4. Deposit Account Number: 180000049652
5. Amount (if necessary, include PDC details): 5,000
6. Date of transaction: 3/31/2021
7. Last step prior the error : (indicate the step by step process done) – Submission of transaction for approval (Teller > CBP > Deposit > Cash Debit > Submit for approval)


image (1).png (205 KB) image (1).png BanKo Tech Support, 2022-10-07 04:04 AM
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Actions #2

Updated by Lucia Na over 1 year ago

Due the the grace period (2020/11/26~2021/01/28) ,
the expiry date has been changed from 3rd Sep 2022 to 3rd Nov 2022.
Thank you.

Actions #3

Updated by Lucia Na over 1 year ago


고객은 2020.11.26 ~ 2021.01.28 까지 납입유예 하였고
이후에 마지막 회차를 제외하고는 모두 상환하였다.
마치막 회차는
20221027 원금 : 540.62페소
20221027 이자 : 4161.98페소
를 납입하여야 하나 아직 완납되지 않은 상태이다.

납입유예의 이자(3920.07페소)가 마지막 회자에 모두 포함되므로
다른회차와 이자금액과 다르다는것을 고객이 인지하지 못하여
충분한 금액을 상환하지 않은 것으로 판단된다.

해당 메뉴에서(Loan / Inquiry / Amortization Schedule).
고객의 Repayment Schedule 을 확인하면 정확한 금액을 확인 할 수 있다.
Loan Account Number : 104320002103243

Actions #4

Updated by Tina Kim over 1 year ago

The customer deferred payment from 2020.11.26 to 2021.01.28
The customer repaid all except the last term.
The payment information for the last term is below, and the last term was not paid.
20221027 Principal: 540.62 PHP
20221027 interests: 4161.98 PHP

As the interest on the deferred payment (3920.07 pesos) is all included in the last term, it looks like that she/he is not aware that the amount of interest is different from others therefore she/he did not pay a sufficient amount.

From that menu (Loan / Inquiry / Amortization Schedule).
You can check the exact amount by checking the customer's repayment schedule.
Loan Account Number: 104320002103243

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