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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
939772 Freeciv Task New Normal S3_2 datafile format freeze (d3f) 2022-01-06 02:37 PM Milestone Actions
924859 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Small Wonder visibility ruleset setting Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-24 04:59 AM General Actions
924630 Freeciv Deliverable Closed Normal Windows (msys2) packages for 2.6.4 Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-03 06:49 AM Windows Installers Actions
924629 Freeciv Deliverable Closed Normal Windows (msys1) packages for 2.6.4 Christian Prochaska 2021-04-02 10:25 AM Windows Installers Actions
924536 Freeciv Feature New Normal Wipe Units variant that captures capturable units 2021-03-31 02:25 AM General Actions
923785 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal wonder_visible_to_player() Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-06 08:18 AM General Actions
923660 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Rename GAME_START_YEAR as GAME_DEFAULT_START_YEAR Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-03 02:04 PM General Actions
923658 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Savegame loading calls building_advisor() before AI flag set Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-29 08:29 PM Server Actions
923440 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Ruledit shadows: req_vec_fix::req_vec_fix() shadow warning Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-24 01:45 AM freeciv-ruledit Actions
923438 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal CodingStyle: Tell that variables should be declared in innermost block possible Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-26 06:27 AM Documentation Actions
923175 Freeciv Task Closed Normal OpenEmbedded recipe for 3.0.0-beta1 Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-20 04:01 PM Milestone Actions
923174 Freeciv Deliverable Closed Normal Windows builds of 3.0.0-beta1 Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-21 12:49 AM Milestone Actions
922927 Freeciv Task Closed Normal Update S2_6 git modpack snapshots Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-29 08:19 AM General Actions
922861 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Sandbox: Demonstrate Wipe Units action Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-21 04:14 AM Rulesets Actions
922859 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Occupying move after Wipe Units Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-03 08:14 PM General Actions
922840 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Rename cache.max_defense_mp_pct Marko Lindqvist 2021-07-06 07:43 AM General Actions
922788 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal CityStatus "Starved" Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-18 07:36 PM General Actions
922787 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal CityStatus on range Traderoute does not check the city itself Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-20 08:38 PM General Actions
922785 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal granary_savings() function header documents return value wrong way Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-22 02:16 AM Documentation Actions
922145 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal tests/ not adding empty line separating it from other tests Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-14 08:45 AM Bootstrap Actions
922015 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Defense bonuses for Fighters against Bombers in rulesets other than civ2 Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-12 01:20 PM Rulesets Actions
922008 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Improve civ_population() style Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-12 03:51 AM General Actions
921959 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Appdata: Use secure (https) URLs for screenshots Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-09 10:40 AM Bootstrap Actions
921940 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Unit conversion not making checks related to transport unit is in Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-28 04:29 PM General Actions
921737 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Make AC_CHECK_HEADERS() one-line calls Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-05 06:46 AM Bootstrap Actions
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