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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
696029 Freeciv Bug New Normal Improve oil platform graphics 2024-04-01 07:04 PM Art Actions
681848 Freeciv Feature New Normal Editor can't create owned base 2024-04-01 06:54 PM General Actions
696514 Freeciv Bug New Normal canvas_put_line takes unzoomed coordinates, unlike other canvas_put_* functions 2023-02-02 05:22 PM Client Actions
697690 Freeciv Feature New Normal Conflation of attention and defence effects in (F)ortify keypress is annoying 2022-12-06 04:52 PM Actions
696027 Freeciv Task New Normal Zoom: get from beta to production quality 2022-12-06 04:42 PM gui-gtk-3 Actions
736060 Freeciv Bug New Normal Barbarian Leader: "Server wants us to remove unit id 4386, but we don't know about this unit!" 2022-11-27 09:15 PM Actions
697689 Freeciv Feature New Normal UI to pin selected city workers 2022-06-11 06:38 AM Actions
697672 Freeciv Feature New Normal Show resource availability in cities 2022-02-03 04:36 AM Actions
687553 Freeciv Feature New Normal civ2civ3 - Disallow Triremes to navigate rivers 2022-01-07 10:11 AM Rulesets Actions
697657 Freeciv Bug New Normal Zoom: explosions not drawn properly 2020-11-16 06:23 PM gui-gtk-3 Actions
697683 Freeciv Bug New Normal "invalid researching technology" / "invalid technology goal" on loading S2_6 savegame 2020-04-16 08:30 PM Server Actions
863759 Freeciv Bug New Normal Signed integer underflow in city manager calculation 2020-03-08 03:13 PM General Actions
697998 Freeciv Bug New Normal fog_style "Auto" (used for hex tilesets) differs widely between clients, has many artifacts 2020-03-05 10:55 AM Client Actions
856479 Freeciv Bug New Normal Goto prevents CoastStrict units entering valid coast tile if adjacent land unknown 2020-01-18 08:08 PM Actions
691752 Freeciv Bug New Normal Crash on middle-clicking tile under Wine 2019-12-26 10:00 PM Client Actions
685224 Freeciv Bug New Normal Repeated "Map topology and tileset incompatible" warnings when switching player 2019-12-26 09:16 PM Client Actions
853930 Freeciv Bug New Normal Clients fight over format of color options ("highlight_our_names") 2019-12-26 08:12 PM Client Actions
851568 Freeciv Bug New Normal Gtk3+: handle "close" signal in more GtkDialogs? 2019-12-11 12:25 AM gui-gtk-3 Actions
767133 Freeciv Bug New Normal startcity option leads to unfair border claiming 2019-12-03 06:10 PM Server Actions
766315 Freeciv Feature New Normal Speed up city manager (CM) with Benoît Hudson's ideas (linear programming, etc) 2018-07-25 06:51 PM Actions
766316 Freeciv Bug New Normal Terrain requirements with "City" and "Traderoute" range are very expensive 2018-07-23 11:37 PM Actions
690313 Freeciv Feature New Normal Try to pick subset of scenario start positions that are uniformly distributed 2018-07-18 06:50 PM Actions
764408 Freeciv Bug New Normal Terrain help doesn't show extra conflicts 2018-07-11 07:52 AM gui-qt Actions
693649 Freeciv Bug New Normal is_native_move() and "Relaxed" move_mode not considering possibility of three road types 2018-06-30 04:37 PM Actions
762836 Freeciv Feature In Progress Normal Misc hexemplio updates 2018-06-30 03:03 PM Art Actions
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