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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
679917 Freeciv Bug Closed Immediate Drop --enable-svnrev support from mpcli Jacob Nevins 2017-07-02 02:19 AM Modpack Installer Actions
656595 Freeciv Bug Closed Immediate freeciv.pot truncates mailing list string in data/helpdata.txt Jacob Nevins 2017-05-01 11:23 AM Documentation Actions
685235 Freeciv Bug Closed High 2.6 tileset selection is still a bit incoherent Marko Lindqvist 2021-12-09 11:40 PM Client Actions
697666 Freeciv Bug Closed High Game saved from scenario is missing resources Marko Lindqvist 2017-09-19 10:50 PM Server Actions
681311 Freeciv Bug Closed High 2.6 Windows msys1 Qt client crashes on startup Marko Lindqvist 2017-07-14 01:35 PM gui-qt Actions
693382 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Gtk3/3.22 theme is not good with recent Gtk3 2024-04-01 07:03 PM gui-gtk-3 Actions
760397 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal "In pixman_region32_init_rect: Invalid rectangle passed", and animations pausing until map clicked Marko Lindqvist 2023-06-09 09:37 PM gui-gtk-3 Actions
694708 Freeciv Task Closed Normal Put Ampliohexbig 2.6.xx on modpack server? Marko Lindqvist 2023-02-02 05:19 PM Actions
681319 Freeciv Task Closed Normal msys2 installers are fatter than msys1; investigate why Marko Lindqvist 2023-02-02 05:11 PM Windows Installers Actions
678457 Freeciv Bug Rejected Normal Why are we keeping CJK fonts in SDL theme in source control? Marko Lindqvist 2023-02-02 05:07 PM gui-sdl2 Actions
697695 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Can't set autosettler tasks while city governor enabled Marko Lindqvist 2022-07-04 12:18 AM gui-gtk-3.22 Actions
853927 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Gtk-WARNING "Drawing a gadget with negative dimensions" when opening report (etc?) Marko Lindqvist 2022-07-03 06:38 PM gui-gtk-3 Actions
697685 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Sort out city vision smaller than city work radius Marko Lindqvist 2022-06-30 04:19 PM General Actions
697677 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Animals can kill players on first turn Marko Lindqvist 2022-06-28 02:34 PM Server Actions
858206 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Turn AI defaults into regular server settings Marko Lindqvist 2022-03-27 08:57 AM Server Actions
689474 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Miscellaneous string tweaks for 2.6 Jacob Nevins 2021-12-09 11:41 PM Actions
699473 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Aimless AI units (e.g., civ2civ3_earth "Storm") Marko Lindqvist 2021-10-03 10:41 PM General Actions
691812 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Italy scenario: map is divided into two parts Marko Lindqvist 2021-09-20 02:48 PM Rulesets Actions
683523 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal civ2civ3 Cheating AI honours Max_Rates, but Hard AI does not Marko Lindqvist 2021-06-10 06:24 AM AI Actions
767127 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Server can hang in find_dispersed_position() if scenario has invalid start position Marko Lindqvist 2021-04-27 06:10 PM Server Actions
764968 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Players that start game in contact cannot meet if one is AI Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-05 01:15 AM Server Actions
830181 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Tweak civ2civ3/sandbox culture victory thresholds again? Marko Lindqvist 2021-03-04 01:37 AM Rulesets Actions
681310 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Qt modpack installer brings up console window as well as its GUI on Windows Marko Lindqvist 2021-01-15 05:46 PM Modpack Installer Actions
683570 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Lua server.play_music() loops its track forever Marko Lindqvist 2021-01-04 06:54 AM Client Actions
683571 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Client plays wrong music tracks Marko Lindqvist 2020-12-31 06:59 PM Client Actions
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