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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
781797 Freeciv Feature New Normal Increase the wake up range for units with sentry orders to their sight radius 2023-02-02 06:19 PM General Actions
826185 Freeciv Feature New Normal AppImage bundled binaries 2022-07-05 06:30 AM Actions
771346 Freeciv Bug New Normal Fair generator generates some islands with missing ocean specials 2022-06-19 06:58 PM Actions
771900 Freeciv Feature In Progress Normal Does update_city_activity need a fundamental behavior change? 2022-06-06 05:50 AM Server Actions
789698 Freeciv Feature New Normal Add option for timeout uncertainty Zoltán Žarkov 2022-04-28 12:58 AM Actions
738016 Freeciv Feature New Normal Stack bribe 2022-03-23 04:20 AM General Actions
828611 Freeciv Task New Normal MacOS build pipeline 2021-06-10 05:37 AM Actions
759773 Freeciv Bug New Normal Segfault in freeciv-web server 2020-11-25 04:48 PM Actions
873419 Freeciv Feature New Normal Consolidate Qt configure flags 2020-10-23 02:53 AM gui-qt Actions
835200 Freeciv Task New Normal Create a unit test for pathfinding 2020-10-19 03:33 AM Actions
839110 Freeciv Feature New Normal Add Qt Emscripten client to autotools build 2020-05-14 05:50 PM Actions
872778 Freeciv Task New Normal Azure Pipelines CI 2020-05-11 05:36 PM General Actions
838867 Freeciv Feature New Normal Add SDL2 Emscripten client to autotools build 2020-05-04 10:01 PM Actions
774803 Freeciv Task New Normal Emscripten clients for web. Zoltán Žarkov 2020-05-04 10:01 PM Actions
871624 Freeciv Feature New Normal Adapt networking for Emscripten clients 2020-05-02 02:27 AM Actions
822925 Freeciv Task New Normal Set up Azure pipelines for Windows Installer builds 2020-04-22 02:36 PM Windows Installers Actions
801113 Freeciv Feature New Normal Make an option for unitwaittime to apply to unit activities Zoltán Žarkov 2020-02-05 04:51 AM Actions
847344 Freeciv Bug New Normal bounce_unit can be used to do fast unloads from transport 2019-11-30 03:46 PM Server Actions
840865 Freeciv Bug New Normal Remove effect Happiness_To_Gold 2019-10-09 01:02 PM Actions
832870 Freeciv Bug New Normal Persistent vision of destroyed city tile 2019-08-26 07:04 PM Actions
831960 Freeciv Bug New Normal Player stuck in delegation if they are delegated when their connection is cut by server 2019-08-18 11:40 PM Actions
827095 Freeciv Bug New Normal Invalid extra in execute_orders 2019-07-16 06:24 PM Server Actions
825375 Freeciv Task New Normal Continuous delivery of manual, doxygen Zoltán Žarkov 2019-07-08 01:36 PM Actions
800702 Freeciv Feature New Normal Client luascript unit commands 2019-05-11 08:02 PM Client Actions
800701 Freeciv Feature New Normal Client luascript controls Zoltán Žarkov 2019-02-02 05:14 AM Scripting API Actions
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