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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
873419 Freeciv Feature New Normal Consolidate Qt configure flags 2020-10-23 02:53 AM gui-qt Actions
873402 Freeciv Bug New Low Fix is_action_possible to consider multiple unique units when capturing 2020-05-14 04:22 PM Server Actions
872778 Freeciv Task New Normal Azure Pipelines CI 2020-05-11 05:36 PM General Actions
872576 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Consider secondary capitals when rolling for civil war 2020-05-09 11:48 PM Server Actions
871637 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal emscripten: Disable SDL2 configure checks Marko Lindqvist 2020-05-04 10:01 PM Bootstrap Actions
871624 Freeciv Feature New Normal Adapt networking for Emscripten clients 2020-05-02 02:27 AM Actions
870966 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal get_building_bonus() [effects.c::807]: assertion '((void *)0) != pcity && ((void *)0) != building' failed. Marko Lindqvist 2020-05-09 05:05 AM Client Actions
851519 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal CodingStyle: Allowing C++11 lambdas in C++ code Marko Lindqvist 2019-12-11 03:47 AM Documentation Actions
847344 Freeciv Bug New Normal bounce_unit can be used to do fast unloads from transport 2019-11-30 03:46 PM Server Actions
846914 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Remove nested Qt event loops Marko Lindqvist 2020-04-27 11:55 PM gui-qt Actions
846106 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Sharing maps does not completely update recipient's knowledge Marko Lindqvist 2020-05-31 11:03 PM Server Actions
840873 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Add unit type to freeciv-manual 2.6 Marko Lindqvist 2019-10-10 09:10 PM General Actions
840865 Freeciv Bug New Normal Remove effect Happiness_To_Gold 2019-10-09 01:02 PM Actions
839704 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal CMA max_growth option for optimal food surplus Marko Lindqvist 2020-05-01 07:42 AM General Actions
839703 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Server-side CMA Marko Lindqvist 2020-05-07 06:00 AM General Actions
839702 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Clear/free rally points when city is destroyed Marko Lindqvist 2020-10-24 01:12 PM gui-qt Actions
839110 Freeciv Feature New Normal Add Qt Emscripten client to autotools build 2020-05-14 05:50 PM Actions
838867 Freeciv Feature New Normal Add SDL2 Emscripten client to autotools build 2020-05-04 10:01 PM Actions
835200 Freeciv Task New Normal Create a unit test for pathfinding 2020-10-19 03:33 AM Actions
834390 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Replace calls to deprecated QFontMetrics::width Marko Lindqvist 2019-12-13 01:17 PM gui-qt Actions
833269 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal msys2: Windows builds cannot access HTTPS Marko Lindqvist 2019-12-29 07:27 AM Client Actions
832870 Freeciv Bug New Normal Persistent vision of destroyed city tile 2019-08-26 07:04 PM Actions
831960 Freeciv Bug New Normal Player stuck in delegation if they are delegated when their connection is cut by server 2019-08-18 11:40 PM Actions
831742 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Add handling of SDL finger press events Marko Lindqvist 2019-10-08 03:33 PM gui-sdl2 Actions
831057 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Dead code cleanup: tile_{add,remove}_{base,road} Marko Lindqvist 2019-12-22 09:50 AM General Actions
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