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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
876067 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal TurnsOwned req for cities Marko Lindqvist 2022-07-09 12:19 AM General Actions
929034 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Units costing less than 10 shields have 0 bribe cost. Marko Lindqvist 2021-06-09 04:02 AM General Actions
928837 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal EMBARK action should be created as a rare_pop_up Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik 2021-05-30 09:01 PM General Actions
920846 Freeciv Task Closed Normal Decouple "all or nothing" diplomacy mechanics. 2021-02-25 02:10 AM Actions
913516 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal FIXED: Capture Units won't trigger Casus Belli Marko Lindqvist 2021-01-11 09:50 PM Server Actions
884993 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal impr_req for unittype doesn't work for Small Wonders Marko Lindqvist 2020-11-09 03:31 PM Server Actions
884474 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Top 5 Cities report inaccurately reports number of wonders Marko Lindqvist 2020-09-23 06:22 AM Server Actions
871681 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Fix inability to properly harness Gov_Center effect in important cases. Marko Lindqvist 2020-09-09 11:34 PM General Actions
874228 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Casus belli messages are somehow not including the tile link. Lexxie L 2020-05-20 09:20 AM Freeciv-web Actions
857904 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal Make Req(s) for ruleset effects to not have forced ignorance about original city founder, presence of foreign citizens Marko Lindqvist 2020-04-25 08:32 AM General Actions
827139 Freeciv Task Closed Normal airliftingstyle helptext 2019-07-17 02:00 AM Actions
809471 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal unreachableprotects should be specified at unit/ruleset level instead of only at server option level Marko Lindqvist 2019-07-03 07:03 PM General Actions
809470 Freeciv Feature Closed Normal DefenseMultiplier and DefenseDivider should be upgraded from crude integer multipliers to percent multipliers, similar to other mechanics. Marko Lindqvist 2019-06-21 12:20 AM General Actions
797698 Freeciv Bug Closed Normal Buoy vision turns tiles already seen by a city into unusable fog of war. Marko Lindqvist 2019-02-12 06:34 AM Server Actions

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