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Technical documentation

Vision Dobro 03

2019-09-03 12:06 PM

Type of company
Comercial Medical Assistance

Old site was build in owefull CMS without any suport of SEO tags and modification ability
Was desided rebuild website using yii2 framework with modern designs and juicy SVG animations


Technical Task Dobro 03

2019-09-18 09:48 AM

We need to do 3 different type of work on this project
  • Prototype makeup and make some icons in SVG
  • Frontend Development according to prototype
  • Backend Development

Prototype makeup and make some icons in SVG

Make typical one-page layout in ux pin (

Other Documentation

Доступ к админке сайта

2019-11-10 05:54 AM

Логин и пароль прикреплены в MyStat за 31.10.2019