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Installing iConomy

This documentation is for a clean new install. If you are upgrading, please continue here.

  1. Download the latest release, you can find it on the iConomy site. After you have downloaded the archive, export it to a separate directory than the hMod.
    • If you are feeling lucky or are an advanced user, extract it to the hMod folder.
  2. Go into the iConomy/ directory and modify the .properties files accordingly, make sure you pay close attention to the buying / selling files.
    1. More information on Money settings.
    2. More information on Lottery Settings.
    3. More information on Auctions.
  3. If you are planning on using MySQL continue reading here.
  4. Move the iConomy/ and plugins/ folder to your hMod folder.
  5. Add iConomy to your plugins line in, and restart your server.


If you are going to use MySQL, iConomy allows you to do so. There have been a few bug issues about remote servers being a bit sluggish so its recommended that you have your MySQL installation on the same server, this may reduce the latency and response time.

Setting up MySQL Settings

  1. In iConomy/, set user, pass, and db string to match your settings, as well setting use-mysql to true.
    • use-mysql=true
    • driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    • user=root
    • pass=pass
    • db=jdbc:mysq;://localhost:3306/minecraft
  2. Import the sql tables to the database specified above
    • mysql -u username -p databasename < SQL/iConomy.sql