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The Internet of Things- Cisco IBSG

2013-03-01 06:34 PM

This report gives two interesting use case of IoT, in which
1. Holy Cow! cows are connected...
2. Mumbai: A Tale of Two Cities, using IoT to closing povery gap

Also, Challenges and Barriers to IoT like Sensor energy, Deployment of IPv6...

Overview of Aneka in IoT Architecture

2013-03-01 06:51 PM

a vivid image

Roadmap of key technology of IoT

2013-03-01 06:55 PM

a vivid image

Conceptual IoT framework with Could Computing

2013-03-01 06:55 PM

A vivid image

Technical documentation

The Internet of Things-Berlin Symposium

2013-03-01 06:24 PM

This interesting parts in the paper include:
1. Phase of IoT, including first phase, early research, and current research
2. Technological changes and foundation such as the internet and things in IoT
3. Challenges and Questions to be considered in IoT