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Requirements from the call:
1. Check if location fare is available in DB else calculate from Google Maps miles.
2. First complete SpotOnCars. Any UI would be fine but data should be stored in SQL DB.
3. Ask for FlightNumber or CruiseNumber for certain specific locations. (add a column in the table)
4. New UI for SpotonCars.

Reference sites:

Action Points for Rajesh:
1. Fare mismatch to be corrected with the suggested logic.
2. Return option did not appear on FB app.
3. Check if the additional column for FlightNumber can be added in the SQL DB.
4. Registration and Authentication to be implemented for SpotonCars.

Action points for Vakeesan:
1. As we need to check if the FARE is available in DB before calculating from Google Maps, we would need the TABLE details where the prices are stored. Please get these details from Mohan.
2. If possible share with us Mohan's mail id for any future reference.