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The main problems for this process are:
1. The technology regarding administration is outdated.
2. Higher ranks within the administration usually don’t care about the waste because they can’t see it.
3. It’s really hard to keep track and to optimize the waste categories within the dump yard.
4. People aren’t involved or in the recycling process so that makes it harder because they don’t get the trash in the correct place.
5. People have a boring view towards recycling.

For the problems we presented we have decided to make a smartphones app that will get people to understand what recycling is for. People will have an app that will count how much trash they are recycling correctly. The problem of the trash sorting is simply solve by a whole campus competition that will give the ranking of people that recycle the most but at the same time the amount of trash that is produced in the campus will be counted and help for an easier waste management.



Also available in: Atom